Darul Falah Islamic Academy-Taliparamba

Darul Falah Islamic Academy is a meritorious educational edifice, affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University which has become in course of time, a heritage of education and a bastion of Islamic tradition with difference located at Taliparamba, in Kerala, India. Established in 2012 September under the stewardship of Taliparamba Yatheem khana committee. The committee takes a lot of educational initiatives such as orphans and destitute home, Islamic Madrassa and private and aided schools was very concerned of the disappearing religious Islamic educational legacy of Taliparamba. In fact DARUL FALAH was a fruition of this gross concern. Students are given training in spoken and writing skills in five languages, i.e., Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi and Malayalam.


To develop an Islamic educational framework in order to prepare religious scientists (‘Ulama) who acquire, practice and propagate Islam, being alert of their ultimate responsibilities towards Almighty Allah and towards themselves, family, institution, society, surroundings and private and public resources and to make them capable of competing the shifting trends of modern education..


Darul Falah aims to be the bastion of expertise in Islamic education that they can restore the dynamic role and educational superiority of past Muslim society in all intellectual programs and that seeks to rekindle the spirit of scholarship in Islamic sciences in the era of ever- changing society due to the innovative growth of modern sciences..

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The Academy has Computer lab facility accessible to students. I t has advanced and useful infrastructure in terms of software and programs which cater to the requirements and needs of the students, teachers and academic curriculum. The lab is equipped with a dedicated broadband internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the internet and modern world events. In addition, Students are taught DTP and designing programs for the purpose of publishing articles and designing the magazines.


Students as well as others depend upon the library for reading and research. The books in Arabic, Urdu, English and Malayalam languages are very useful to enhance general knowledge and Islamic awareness of the people in addition to that various periodicals in different languages and newspapers are also available here in this library.It is equipped with computerized database enabling the student to have quick access to the needed books and magazines. Library Department under Students’ Union has initiated unique reading programs to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading.